Airpac Solution

Aerial Solutions in Agriculture

The leading edge drone technology is getting popular in the agriculture industry Chemical spraying, seeding, forestry and NDVI can all be done using drones

Aerial Spreading

Seeding & Fertilizing

Various granular spreading applications such as seeding and fertilizing they can now be utilised by drones. Drone spreader can effectively dispense granular seeds, fertilisers or pesticides on up to 12 acres of land per hour, a task that would take 150 labours to complete.

Jet Seed Spreading System

Using the latest JetSeed spreading system on drones, we can now achieve a very uniform, more accurate and cost-effective solution for aerial seeding

Aerial Spraying

Herbicide & Pesticide

With the advanced technologies, drone sprayer can plan out the flight path and spray volume combined with mapping. The flight controller can process the plant protection operation up to 14ha/hr, this is equivalent to 80 times faster than traditional labour spraying operation.

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Crop Health

NDVI – Normalized Difference Vegetation Index. Omnidirectional radar perception system can pick up and avoid potential obstacles, preventing crashes and damages to crops. With fast data processing and RTK technology, the system can be set to operate over different terrains such as plain field, hill and forest.