Airpac Solution

After Bush-fire Rehabitation Project

The honour to be part of the Heytesbury District Landcare Network’s recent re-habitation project.

During April and May of 2018, approximately 40,000 hectares of land lighted up by an unexpected bush fire. This has caused a long-term impact due to sheds, farms and lands were badly damaged, broken ecosystem would take years to restore.

Thanks to Heytesbury District Landcare Group’s invitation and with XAG’s seed spreading drone P30s, we were able to participate in the re-habitation project. This project is to spread the 7 different mixed grass seeds onto 3 zones in Lake Cobrico. 3 zones were assigned with different dosages, for better evaluation purpose when the seeds are growing later this year.

The task areas were inaccessible for vehicles or spreading labourers; however, this problem can be solved by drone technology, under our operation, XAG’s Agriculture Drone P30s’ able to fly above the area and spread the seeds. Different dosages were able to be adjusted by setting the speed of spreader roller; one challenge we had was the different sizes of mixed seeds plus debris was getting more and more, which caused blockage with in the spreader, but with the modular design of the P30 and the 3 different size of rollers, we were able to change to a bigger roller in the field in least then 10mins.

Covering all 40 hectares of areas was done in least then 2 days, saving the Heytesbury District Landcare Group a lot of time and less costs.